University Realty Rental Application

  • Each tenant and co-signer must submit individual applications.
  • Continue as prompted until completed and submitted.
  • All major credit cards are accepted on this site.
  • Once completed, the reports will go directly to University Realty. We will contact you when your application has been received and processed.
  • Each application fee is $50.00( $50.00 per tenant and $50.00 per cosigner). This fee is used to run a credit and background check on each tenant and co-signer that applies.
  • Co-signers use the same application link to apply and only fill in the mandatory and applicable fields.
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  • To complete this rental application, you must be prepared to provide contact information for your rental references.
    • Each applicant over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application.
    • Each applicant must have a cosigner submit a separate rental application.
    • Each applicant will need a co-signer to sign the lease once the application is approved.
    • Your application grants you eligibility to all of our available units and is non -binding.
    • Each applicant will be required to submit a payment equal to one month's rent as a security deposit once the application has been approved and a lease has been signed by all parties. One month security deposit due upon signing the lease.
    • Your unit will not be considered reserved and will continue to be marketed until the full security deposit is received and a lease is signed by all parties.
    • The lease must be signed within 7 days after your initial deposit & lease have been posted to your online tenant portal. All tenants & co-signers must sign the lease. We do not provide individual leases.
    • First and last month's rent will be due and payable 60 days prior to your lease move in date.

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